The overall objective of the innovation center is to ensure sustainable growth for a maximum of young ICT companies to contribute to the modernization and development of the economy in the region through wealth creation.

In relation to its specific objectives, it develops innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of ICT and in the applications contributing to socio-economic development in the region, in Senegal, in West Africa. In addition, the innovation center creates sustainable jobs within the ICT sector and, more broadly, connects potential project leaders and actors in key sectors of the economy of the target regions, and assists companies and projects in the field. ICT companies for key sectors.

The innovation center will help young innovators and entrepreneurs to develop their business skills and improve their management, while encouraging multinational companies to invest in the promotion of business creation projects.

The incubator will be an indispensable link in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. It will have a long-term impact on investment through involvement in promoting entrepreneurial success, entrepreneurship development and risk-taking, and intermediation and facilitation between entrepreneurs and financiers.

The incubator will be built on a space consisting of a main building consisting of inter alia trays that can be partitioned into office spaces, spaces also for extensible events with complementary tarpaulins, tents etc., modular training rooms with amenities, rooms training with fixed telephone connection, mobile and internet, in relaxation area and cafeteria, Internet connection and multiservices like money transfers, reprography, instant photos etc., technical rooms, conference rooms , waiting rooms, videoconferencing room, store or storage space for equipment stocks, a library.