BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) means outsourcing business processes. The concept and the first offers began to appear in 2002. The BPO consists of entrusting a provider with certain business processes such as purchasing, accounting, finance, customer relationship management, human resources or wages. In addition, the provision of adapted applications may be considered if necessary by the provider.

For example, in the case of financial institutions, the service provider can intervene, within the framework of the BPO, on the processing of checks, the management of credit applications, credit cards or loyalty programs. Similarly, in the insurance sector, with the management of receipts, refunds or file transfers.

The BPO therefore implies a close relationship with the service provider, close to the partnership in the long term, since whole business processes are outsourced, and not isolated tasks or activities. In the BPO, it is the overall process that is concerned, so all its implications both within the company but also outside, that is to say with its usual customers and partners. The service provider is therefore also responsible for managing these aspects in the context of the contract.

In this dynamic, the BPO center will include among others the following elements:

Offices for administrative staff (secretarial / IT technicians, Telecommunications / accountants / etc.); technical local ; computer and telecommunications rooms; rooms for energy; fixed telephone, mobile and internet connection; open office space for workstations; cloisonné offices for the management of the center; meeting rooms; video conference rooms; energy, computer and telecommunications wiring; connection to the PTN datacenter; waiting rooms; storage space for equipment stocks; etc.